eNominator User Manual Version 3.1

The eNominator User Manual is provided in sections, below.
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FAQs for eNominator

What are the new Location IDs (Maps) in eNominator?
The easiest way to find a Location Name and ID numbers is to begin typing the first few letters of the name in the green Location box on your Nomination Submission screen and then tab out of the box. Tabbing out of the box brings up a lookup screen with all possible names that start with the letters you have typed. The applicable choices will be displayed in a pick list. Just double-click on the Location you need to use.
Alternatively, you may click on the unscoped pick button directly to the left of the green Location box. This will bring up an alphabetical listing of ALL locations loaded to the system.
How do I know my nomination was submitted without error?
After you click the "submit" button, the system will go through a validation process.
If the validation passes, “BV” for Business Valid will appear in the “Err” column on the Location Tab of the Nomination Submission screen.
If there was an error, the validation process window will complete with errors. Click on the close button. Click “OK”. Click on the close button. The submission screen will highlight the error tab and provide an error message. Click “OK.” Please note: Nominations with errors will not be scheduled by DTE Gas Company. When you click “OK” on the error message, the error tab will appear with an explanation of the error, and the “Location Summary” tab Err column will be populated with “BI” for “Business Invalid” or “LI” for Line Invalid.
How do I correct nomination errors?
If a validation error occurs, the user may re-submit the nomination after correcting the issue. If an error message is unclear or you are unsure how to clear the error, please contact your Gas Nominations Services representative for assistance.
How much gas did I buy or sell?
The “Location Summary” tab of the Nomination Submission screen provides a snapshot of your transactions, which would include any title transfer activity.
Which paths did I transport across, and how much fuel was charged?
The "Path Summary" tab of the Nomination Submission Screen provides a snapshot of your receipts, deliveries and fuel. This screen only depicts transactions that involve the physical movement of gas. Title transfers would not be included here.
How do I change a nomination for tomorrow's gas day?
Once an Activity Summary Screen has been submitted with a date range, e.g., “BEG DATE: 04/01/2007 DEFAULT END DATE: 04/30/2007,” that date range cannot be modified. If you want to change previously submitted nominations for a prospective date:
  1. Clear your Activity Summary Screen (ALT/C)
  2. Enter the new date range
  3. Click on QUERY
All of the nominations which have been submitted for that date range will be on the screen. Enter your nomination changes and re-submit the NEW ACTIVITY.
I'm bringing gas to DTE Gas from an interconnecting pipeline and I'm selling it to another party on DTE Gas. How do I nominate this?
Title Transfers cannot be transacted at an Interconnect. If you are bringing gas to DTE Gas from an Interconnecting Point and selling the gas to a third party on DTE Gas you do not have to enter a nomination in eNominator. Your trading partner can pick the gas up at the Interconnect Point and reference the Upstream Company (UP NAME) and Contract Number (UP K).
Alternatively, you may place your gas into the DTE Gas pool associated with your interconnect point and title transfer it to your purchasing parties.
What volume was allocated to each of my contracts?
From the Menu, click the Plus (+) sign next to “Flowing Gas” to expand the Flowing Gas options. Next, click on the plus sign (+) next to the “Allocation”, then double-click “Allocation Reports” The Report Execution Screen will display with “CAW ALLOCATIONS” defaulted as report type. Click on the drop-down arrow in the yellow field labeled “Report” and select RPT_ALRX01.
How can I determine any imbalances? Where can I view my storage account activity and balance?
To view Transportation Balance Quantities (TBQs) only in TSP 100 and Storage Balances only in TSP 200, click the Plus (+) sign next to “Flowing Gas” on the menu to expand the Flowing Gas options. Next, click on the plus sign (+) next to the “Imbalance” to expand the Imbalance options. Double-click “Imbalance Account Inquiry.” The Customer Account Maintenance screen opens. Click the “scoped pick button” […] next to the Acct ID. A screen with a list of the available Accounts will appear. Select an Account from the list and click on the Balance Tab. To filter for a specific Prod Month, enter filter criteria in the center of the screen. You will be able to see daily activity and your ending volumes.
Where can I view my monthly charges?
Click on the plus sign (+) in the menu to expand the Invoicing options. Double-click on “Invoice.” Click the Query button to retrieve fee detail information by month.
What is the process for trading and correcting Dry Point imbalances?
This process is explained in detail under Section 7.0 of the eNominator User Manual. If you do trade Dry Point imbalances, it is recommended that you review section 7.0 of the eNominator User Manual, and then contact your DTE Gas Nominations representative for any remaining questions or concerns.
How do I run reports?
From the Menu, click “Reporting” to open the “Report Batch Process Execution” screen. The reports are grouped according to process, e.g., Allocations, Billing, Confirmation, Inventory, Nominations, etc. Click the down arrows for “Report Type” and “Report.” To expand or narrow the parameters of your report, fill in the bottom part of the screen as desired.
We have listed some commonly used reports and a brief description in Section 2.2 “Most Commonly Used External Reports” in the eNominator User Manual.
Where can I see the total of my Buys, the parties I purchased gas from, and the location? Where can I see the total of what I sold, to whom and where I sold it?
There are a couple of ways to get the total of your Buy and/ or Sell transactions:
  1. to get AlL of the information, run the NN08 “Daily Activity Grouped by Service Requestor.” Report NN08 shows submitted nominations grouped by Buys, Paths, and Sells. Buy will be sorted by Alphabetical Up Name, and sells will sorted by Alphabetical Dn Name.
  2. From the Activity Summary Screen, click on the location summary tab. To copy the data to Excel, click in the uppermost square of the grid to select the entire grid, then right click and select “copy,” then paste into Excel.
How can I get a report into Excel so that I can manipulate the data?
To get a report into an Excel spreadsheet, find “Report Export File Type” in the lower half of the reporting screen and change it to “Excel data Only.” You may then sort and use the data according to your preferences. In the future, all reports will be able to be directly downloaded as an Excel worksheet.
Why doesn't the Total K Rec Qty on the Path Summary add up to the total of my buys?
That total is not the total of your Buys. The Path Summary is a listing of all of your Pathed nominations and therefore will not include any transactions which do not have a Path, e.g., Buys that you did not transport; gas that you “Bought” and then immediately “Sold,” otherwise known as Title Transfers.
I need a report like the Nom 48 in ConQuest. What report can I use to get that information?
There are a number of reports in the system to satisfy your request. For instance, the NN08 report. The NN08 report does not include Adjusted volumes. Any adjustments to your submitted nominations are available on the NN20 “Nom Change History” which will be automatically emailed to you any time a change is made by DTE Gas. Please refer to the online version of our eNominator User Guidebook, Section 2.2 where you find a list of the most commonly used reports, along with a description of the reports.
My eNominator screen size is too small. How can I enlarge it?
To make your eNominator screen size larger, you need to set the Window Size in the Citrix Interface Settings. To do this, go to the Citrix Application page. The Citrix Application page has the EBB and eNominator-CAW icons on it. On left of the “?” icon, which is the “customize user interface settings icon.
In the “Settings” page, set the Window Size in the Connection Preference to either “Standard – Full Screen” of selected “Percent of screen” and enter a percentage.
Click “OK” to close the “Settings” window, and then re-open eNominator.