Natural Gas Choice

You Have a Choice

Michigan residents and businesses have a choice in who provides their natural gas.
While DTE Energy is responsible for mailing bills to customers located in our service area, DTE may not be supplying your gas.
If your gas bill lists an “Alternative Gas Supplier Charge,” DTE Energy is your natural gas delivery company and an Alternative Gas Supplier is your natural gas commodity supplier.
If your gas bill lists a “Gas Cost Recovery” charge, DTE Energy is both your natural gas delivery company and supplier. DTE Energy's current gas cost recovery rate is $0.275 per CCF.

Facts to Consider Before Switching Natural Gas Suppliers

Regardless of who you choose as your natural gas supplier, DTE Energy will remain the reliable energy company you trust to deliver natural gas to your home, respond to emergencies and read your meter.
DTE Energy buys gas in volume during the summer months, when prices are lower. The gas is stored underground in our vast network of storage wells, ensuring an ample supply at affordable prices for consumers throughout the year.
As a regulated energy company, DTE Energy charges only the cost of the natural gas without a markup. Your cost for gas changes only when the cost for us to buy gas changes.
DTE Energy’s rates are regulated by the Michigan Public Service Commission (MPSC). Alternative gas supplier rates are not.

Compare Natural Gas Prices

You can learn more by visiting the MPSC website to compare rates and see a list of suppliers participating in the Gas Customer Choice Program. Customers returning to DTE Energy from an alternative gas supplier are required to remain with DTE for at least 12 months.

Learn How You Can Lock in Your Account

If you’re happy with your DTE Energy gas service, no action is required to keep it. To prevent your account from being switched without permission, our lock-in feature stops anyone from changing your gas supplier without your consent. Simply call DTE at 800.477.4747 and ask to lock-in your supplier. Once activated, your account cannot be switched to another gas supplier unless you call DTE Energy and request that the lock be removed. This is a free service.

Beware of Scams

DTE Energy and its affiliates, including DTE Gas, do not engage in telemarketing or door-to-door sales. Additionally, DTE Energy is not affiliated or associated with any alternative gas suppliers.