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Our Pricing Options Give You More Choice

We offer more than 15 pricing options to meet your needs. DTE’s Business Customer Support can help you choose which is right for you. Call us at 855.383.4BIZ (4249) or visit

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Small Business Customers

D3 General Service – provides standard service for customers with low to moderate energy use

D4 Large General Service – provides standard service for customers with higher energy use and steady, predictable kW demand

Here are savings options:
D3.1 Unmetered General Service – provides service for easy to calculate usage without a meter: billboards, cable TV providers

D3.3 Interruptible General – you save by allowing DTE to interrupt power when necessary

D1.8 Dynamic Peak Pricing – provides savings to customers that can shift their energy usage to lower price time periods during evenings and weekends

D1.1 Interruptible Space Conditioning – you save on your cooling bill when DTE briefly cycles air conditioning and air source heat pumps off and on. This rate is separately metered

D1.7 Geothermal Time of Day – you save when approved equipment operates during designated off-peak hours

D1.9 Experimental Electric Vehicle – you save when charging vehicles with time of day pricing option

D5 Water Heating – you save when DTE briefly cycles your electric water heating system

D9 Outdoor Protective Lighting – provides a safer and more secure area with outdoor lighting on premises

GS-1 Non Residential General Service – smaller volume commercial customers who contract with us for a set distribution rate with usage under 14,000 Mcf per year

GS-2 Non Residential General Service – larger volume commercial customers who contract with us for a set distribution rate with usage for anything over 14,000 Mcf per year

Industrial Customers

D11 Primary Supply – standard service for customers who own their equipment, with minimum 50 kW demand and operate with consistent higher energy use and demand

D8 Interruptible Primary– provides savings to customers who own their equipment, that contract a portion of their load as interruptible (at least 50kW at a single location) and interrupt that load upon notification by DTE


E1 Streetlighting – service for nighttime streetlighting – options available based on ownership of equipment

E2 Traffic Lights – service for traffic and signal lights

S School Rate – municipality schools and university customers


D3.2 Secondary Education Institution

D6.2 Primary Education Institution – for educational institution with minimum 50kW contracted capacity at single location

D10 All Electric School Building – service for school buildings served at primary voltage with electric space heating and water heating

Electric Choice

EC2 Retail Access – provides the option to purchase electricity at unregulated prices offered by an alternative energy supplier


R1.1 Metal Melting – for customers with electric metal melting operations on a separate interruptible meter

R1.2 Electric Process Heating – for customers with electric process heat operations on a separate interruptible meter

R2 Special Purpose Facilities – provides a financing option to customers that require special service facilities installed by DTE

R3 Standby – allows DTE to provide stand-by service to customers that operate generation facilities directly interconnected with the Company

R4 Resale of Service – provides eligible customers the option to resell power provided by DTE to their tenants. DTE approval required

R5 Cogeneration – provides customers who use cogeneration technology as an energy source and sell electric output to DTE

R6 Small Power Producing Facilities – allows customers to sell electric output to DTE. Customer must obtain qualifying status from the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission

R7 Greenhouse Lighting – for customers who require high intensity discharge lighting service for greenhouses and other environmentally controlled growing facilities

R8 Space Conditioning – saves customers that install separately metered electric space conditioning circuits for space heating and cooling, water heating and humidity control equipment

R10 Interruptible Supply – for very large D11 Primary Supply Rate customers that elect to contract a minimum of 50,000 kW of interruptible service

R12 Capacity Release – provides payment to customers, with min. 100 kw at a single location, who reduce loads during agreed upon times

R13 Dispersed Generation – provides payment to customers with on-site generation of at least 250 KW that agree to operate these systems at the request of DTE

Rider 14 Distributed Generation – provides customers with on-site generation to rely on DTE for supplemental energy needs (Maximum 100 kW per location)

R16 Net Metering – provides payment to customers with on-site generation and who fulfill DTE Renewable Resource requirements. This rate is no longer available to new customers, see R18

R17 MIGreenPower Program – for customers who want to develop renewable energy without installing a system of their own.

R18 Distributed Generation – provides credit to customers for electricity from solar or wind that they send back to the grid.