Solar Energy

A new day for solar energy.

DTE Energy is Michigan’s leading producer of and investor in solar energy. One of our solar parks are among the largest east of the Mississippi River.
Since 2008, DTE Energy has spent $170 million developing solar parks. By utilizing this zero-emissions technology, we help reduce our carbon footprint.

The 31 solar arrays in our portfolio generate enough clean energy to power more than 14,000 homes.

Our solar projects have not only become an indispensable part of our energy generation portfolio, they stimulate Michigan’s economy by employing workers and providing new taxable revenue. In other words, solar energy is good for both our natural and business environments.

Thinking of going solar? Check out these important things to consider.

Love Solar? So do we!

Love Solar? So do we!


DTE’s MIGreenPower program provides a flexible and affordable alternative to private solar installation. With MIGreenPower, customers can attribute a percentage of their electricity use – up to 100% - to DTE’s universal renewable energy projects. Customers have the advantage of reducing their carbon footprint without having to install and maintain a private system.

Customer Generated Solar Power

It’s natural to care about the world we live in, so it’s not surprising many people want to join the solar energy revolution. DTE Energy is ready to help. Visit our Customer Generated Electric page to learn how you or your company can help be a part of Michigan’s private solar movement.

Our Largest Solar Parks

Lapeer Solar Park
Our Lapeer Solar Park is the largest universal solar park in Michigan and one of the largest east of the Mississippi River. With 200,000 panels covering more than 250 acres, it generates enough clean energy to power 11,000 homes. This 48MW project was commissioned in May 2017.

O’Shea Solar Park
This park is located in Detroit’s O’Shea Park and is one of the largest urban solar arrays in the Midwest. Its 7,400 panels generate enough clean energy to power 450 homes. Built in partnership with the City of Detroit, the project sits on 10 acres of previously vacant land and will generate more than $1 million in tax revenue for the city over the life of the 20-year lease.

In addition to its larger solar projects, DTE owns and operates several smaller scale solar arrays with 15 MW total generation capacity. These sites are predominantly located on land owned by customers. In building these projects, DTE works closely with the customer to minimize disruption during the construction process. These projects are located on land owned by major corporations, small businesses, and municipalities.