How to Switch to Natural Gas

If you’re ready to start natural gas service or considering a switch to natural gas, DTE can meet your energy needs.

Natural gas is safe, reliable and more environmentally friendly than other fuel sources, as it burns cleaner and with less emissions.

It's also more cost-effective than propane. On average, natural gas is one-third to half the cost of other heating sources.

Starting DTE natural gas service is easy. Send us a message and find out if DTE provides service at your property. A DTE representative will contact you within two business days.
You can also mail in our Application for the Installation of Natural Gas Service or call us at one of our locations.

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All other DTE service areas in Michigan
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Builders and contractors also need to download and complete the Application for the Installation of Natural Gas Service for a new or existing home.
For more information, please view our  Guide to Natural Gas Installation.

Switch from Propane and Save

Natural gas is less than half the price of propane. But you’ll save more than just money when you make the switch to natural gas.

What are My Costs?

Switching costs
When we extend our gas lines, we calculate both the investment costs and the revenue that will be generated from the project. If there is a shortfall in revenue, you are asked to pay a portion of the construction costs. This ensures that your installation costs will not be passed along to all other customers in the form of a rate increase.

Once you become a DTE Energy customer, you can be confident that conversion costs from other consumers making the switch to natural gas will not affect your gas rate!
Your portion of the construction cost
The costs you are responsible for will be detailed in a letter mailed to you. You have the option of paying these costs in one lump sum or in monthly installments. You will be asked to select one of these payment options when you receive your first gas bill, or six months after your service line is installed, whichever occurs first.

Avoid interest charges on your installation costs. If your project requires additional costs as outlined in your application for service, you can pay a one-time fee to avoid monthly interest charges, call us at 800.533.6220 for more information.
Appliance conversion cost
Almost all appliances can be easily converted to natural gas. Many variables can impact the total cost, such as the amount of additional piping needed to connect all your appliances to the natural gas line. As with any home improvement project, obtain two or more estimates to get the best price.

Calculate Your Potential Savings

Natural Gas line Installation Process

Construction typically occurs during summer or early autumn. The main gas lines that are constructed in the road right-of- ways will be laid first. Once this is completed the individual service line will be run to your home.
DTE requests a minimum of 3 days notice so that we can schedule a visit to set the gas meter. In order for us to set the gas meter, at least one appliance will need to be available that is ready to run on natural gas. (Some, but not all, propane-powered appliances can be converted to run on natural gas; see below for more information.) If you have a propane tank, it will need to be disconnected.
Leftover propane or fuel oil
You will want to ensure that you use up your remaining fuel prior to converting your home. Your propane or fuel oil provider will work with you on how to handle any leftover fuel remaining in your tank.
How will installation affect my yard?
Our restoration crews will return after the installation to grade and seed any areas we disturbed during the installation process.