New Home Construction

Build with a high standard of energy efficiency. Save money, year after year.

Ensure quality, comfort and energy savings in your new home.

How it works

Find a participating home builder experienced and skilled with energy-saving features that increase comfort and sustain your home’s value over time. Participating home builders use advanced construction methods to meet a higher standard of energy performance for newly built homes.

Each home is inspected and tested using the Home Energy Rating System® (HERS®), a nationally recognized method for calculating a home's energy performance. The inspection is performed by an independent HERS® rater trained in best practices for energy efficiency.

ENERGY STAR® Certified Homes

Be sure to ask your home builder about ENERGY STAR® certified homes – these homes are built to stand well above others and comply with ENERGY STAR’s stringent requirements. Learn more about the benefits of ENERGY STAR certified homes.

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