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Timing of High Electricity Usage

The rate you pay for electricity varies throughout the day and gets broken into "on-peak" periods when the cost is higher due to demand, and "off-peak" times, when the cost is lower.

To maximize your savings, which “off-peak” hours Monday through Friday would work best for you?

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Reducing Usage During High-Demand Periods

In exchange for a larger discount during off-peak hours, our Dynamic Peak Pricing rate includes limited Critical Peak Events, which can be called in times of extreme electricity demand.

This rate works best if you can shift your usage away from the 3 p.m. to 7 p.m. period, especially during events when the cost of electricity significantly rises. We'll notify you before each event to help you prepare.

Can you shift your usage during Critical Peak Events?

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Money-Saving Rates for Specific Equipment

Investments in your home should work with your electric rate, not against it. You can get special rates for devices and equipment such as electric vehicles, geothermal systems, electric water heaters, central air conditioners and outdoor security lighting.

Are you interested in exploring a specialty rate?

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Alternative Energy Solutions

Want to ensure the energy you use comes from renewable sources? Or maybe you've looked at alternative energy sources beyond the meter, such as rooftop solar or MIGreenPower. DTE has options to support a cleaner and greener tomorrow.

Do you want to see clean energy options?

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Senior Citizen Credit

You may qualify for a $4.25 monthly credit to your bill if you’re 65 or older and designated as the head of your household. That’s a savings of over $50 annually!

Are you 65 or older?