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Natural Gas Balance

Together, We Can Reduce Our Environmental Impact

Natural Gas Balance helps reduce the average household carbon emissions footprint through a combination of Carbon Offsets and Renewable Natural Gas.

  • Offset up to 100% of emissions from average natural gas usage in water heaters, heating and other home uses
  • Help preserve Michigan forests
  • Support the use of Renewable Natural Gas to reduce methane gas emissions

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Carbon Offsets

DTE is working in partnership with industry developers to participate in Improved Forest Management (IFM) projects that protect Michigan forests from being over-harvested by commercial loggers. Sustained, healthy forests absorb more carbon from the atmosphere, acting as natural “scrubbers” that absorb and offset carbon dioxide (CO2) produced from burning natural gas.

We collaborate with IFM project developers who follow the methodology and protocol established by the nonprofit and independent American Carbon Registry. IFM projects in Michigan include parcels near Pictured Rocks and in Marquette County in the Upper Peninsula.

Renewable Natural Gas

Renewable Natural Gas (RNG) is natural gas derived by capturing methane emitted from organic waste material in landfills, wastewater treatment plants and dairy farms. Methane gas is trapped and impurities are removed, creating a renewable source of pipeline quality gas.

Using RNG prevents methane from being released into the atmosphere, significantly reducing the greenhouse gas environmental impact of methane. In addition, developing and using RNG reduces the need to drill for and extract natural gas, a fossil fuel. RNG partner sites include the Grand Rapids Water Resource Recovery Facility and the Sauk Trail Hills Landfill in Canton.

How Natural Gas Balance Works

Participation in Natural Gas Balance is voluntary. If you are a DTE natural gas customer and your account is in good standing, you are eligible to enroll in the program. You can enter, leave and change your level of participation at any time and without penalty.

During enrollment, you select one of four participation levels. The levels represent offsetting all or some percentage of monthly natural gas usage in an average Michigan household.*

House icon with a dollar sign indicating participation level

Choose Your Level

Your monthly cost and the percentage of usage offset (average Michigan household)


Level 1: $4 monthly / 25% offset

Level 2: $8 monthly / 50% offset

Level 3: $12 monthly / 75% offset

Level 4: $16 monthly / 100% offset

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What to Expect

After enrolling in Natural Gas Balance, your participation level begins with your next billing cycle and will show on that bill.

Your participation in this program supports a cleaner Michigan by utilizing a combination of carbon offsets and renewable natural gas, with roughly 95% achieved from carbon offset and about 5% achieved with renewable natural gas.

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Making Changes

You may change your level of participation once per month. A change will be effective in the billing cycle after the one in which you make your change.

If you wish to change your level of participation or leave Natural Gas Balance, please call or email:

833.NATGAS.0 (833.628.4270)


* Calculations on reduced carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions are based on the Greenhouse Gas Equivalencies Calculator provided by the Environmental Protection Agency. All estimates are approximate.

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Our Goal: Net ZERO Carbon Emissions by 2050

DTE is taking bold steps to cut carbon emissions in half over the next 10 years—well on our way to reaching our goal of Net Zero Carbon Emissions by 2050. DTE CleanVision is an important part of our mission in providing you with cleaner energy that is safe, reliable and affordable. 

Natural Gas Balance is among DTE's CleanVision family of programs that provide our customers opportunities to reduce their carbon footprint using both carbon offsets and renewable natural gas (RNG). DTE previously offered a smaller RNG program called BioGreenGas.

2020 Natural Gas Balance Terms and Conditions

Learn more about DTE CleanVision, our environmental policies and our commitment to renewable energy. As part of our net zero journey, we continue to modernize our natural gas infrastructure by replacing older pipes with new, more durable plastic pipes, which help reduce methane leaks among other improvements.

There are always more ways to save.

We also promote home energy efficiency through rebates, discounts, programs and guides, including personalized savings tips and our 3-D, Energy Efficient Interactive Home. Through a combination of strategic initiatives, like Natural Gas Balance, energy efficiency and advanced technologies, we are aiming to help reduce customer use emissions up to 35% by 2050.