Energy Usage

Tips to Reduce Your Use and Your Bill

Your energy use can change day to day due to weather, how many people are home, and other factors. Know what drives usage and where you can make small changes that lower your bill.

What Drives Your Bill Amount?

Together, We Keep Natural Gas Affordable

Bills have fallen by 30 percent in 10 years.
A combination of careful planning by DTE Energy’s natural gas team and smart usage by customers like you have led to big reductions on the average bill.
We Buy Gas When Prices Are Lowest
DTE watches the price of natural gas year-round and buys when it’s cheapest, from sources across the United States and Canada. We often buy gas in warmer months for maximum savings and store it until you need it, passing the benefits of low prices on to you.

We Monitor Around the Clock and Upgrade for Reliability
DTE also keeps your bill down by monitoring our delivery system 24/7. We make timely repairs and upgrades as needed to keep your service affordable and reliable year-round.
The Role You Play – Using Energy in Smart Ways
You also play a big part in keeping your bill low by running energy-efficient appliances, insulating your home and taking other smart, simple steps. Learn More Ways to Save >

Your Electricity: Affordable, Efficient, Reliable

Affordable Pricing Options
Did you know DTE offers many electric pricing options to meet your unique energy needs? See Your Options >
Efficient Energy Sources
DTE generates energy through a variety of methods, including clean, renewable sources like wind and solar. We have greatly expanded our clean energy generation, and more of the energy you use comes from wind and solar than ever before. Learn about our renewables and find out how you can support clean energy by participating in MIGreenPower.
Reliable Service from a Smart, Strengthened Grid
We’re always upgrading and maintaining our plants, substations, poles and wires to safely deliver the energy you need, when you need it. And with advanced technologies, we are often able to spot and correct problems before you see them.
Knowledge is Power!
Download DTE Insight to See Your Usage
The DTE Insight app helps you understand where and when you use the most electricity, so you can make smart decisions that lower your bill.
Get Insight and Take Control >
The Value of Your Energy
Seasonal changes will swing temperatures and make days longer or shorter. This can lead to lights left on longer and your furnace or air conditioning working harder. Did you know adjusting your thermostat just a few degrees can lead to big savings? See more seasonal saving tips.
Residential Electric Usage Residential Electric Usage pattern
Days Billed
Comparing one month’s bill to another isn’t always the best way to watch your usage, since this month’s bill may contain more or fewer days than last month’s. You can compare your current energy usage to past months or years by clicking “My Usage” under the Billing and Payment section of this site. Take a closer look with our Understand Your Bill feature, and consider enrolling in Flexible Due Date to pick a day of the month that works best for your budgeting.
Household Changes
More people at home can mean more lights turning on, additional appliance use, and thermostat adjustments to keep guests comfortable. Even short visits can drive up your total usage. Discover how our Low Cost, No Cost Tips can help you reduce use to balance this increase.
You control your usage and can take actions to save energy and money. Some energy thieves are easy to catch -- lights left on or the furnace or AC running when no one is around -- but we also have tools to spot and prevent unnecessary use. Download the DTE Insight App to see your electric usage and pinpoint possible savings. Schedule a free Home Energy Consultation for a DTE expert to show you where you can reduce usage, and find more Ways to Save.