Charging Forward

Charging Forward

Drive electric and cash in on the savings

EVs are less expensive to operate, and you could save even more by qualifying for an electric vehicle charger rebate

Charger Rebates

You could qualify for a $500 DTE rebate if you:
  • Purchase or lease an EV
  • Install a qualified Level 2 charger
  • Enroll in a year-round time-of-use (TOU) rate
Please see the residential rebate terms & conditions for a complete list of participation requirements.
Charging Forward Rebate
View the checklist of what you need to apply

Qualified Level 2 Residential Chargers

Manufacturer Model Max kW Output Amp
ChargePoint CPH25 7.7 32

Manufacturer Model Max kW Output Amp
Enel X Juicebox Pro 32* 7.7 32
Enel X Juicebox Pro 40* 10 40
*Manufactured after October 2018

Eligible Time-of-Use Rates

For further information or to enroll in one of the rate plans below, contact DTE at 734.213.9877.

EV Plan (D1.9)
An additional meter will be installed at your home, dedicated solely to your EV charger. The additional meter will allow you to take advantage of reduced energy costs for your EV charging, Monday through Friday from 11 pm to 9 am and all weekend.
The EV Plan is beneficial if your home's current electrical panel does not have capacity for the additional load required by a Level 2 charger.
Time-of-Day Plan (D1.2)
Applies to all energy used at your home, including your EV charger. The plan can be beneficial if the majority of your usage occurs Monday through Friday from 7 pm to 11 am and/or during the weekend.
This plan works well for customers whose energy consumption patterns are flexible.
Dynamic Peak Pricing Plan (D1.8)
The Dynamic Peak Pricing (DPP) is a three-tiered rate that allows customers with flexible energy consumption patterns to save money on their bill by avoiding usage during Critical Peak Events and shifting their home energy usage, including EV charging, to off-peak hours (11 pm – 7 am Monday - Friday, weekends and holidays).