Ownership Benefits

How EVs benefit you and your community

Your decision to go electric can have a big and positive impact on the environment, as well as our local economy.

Fewer Emissions
Producing few to zero tailpipe emissions, EVs are up to 70 percent cleaner than traditional gasoline vehicles.

Low Life-Cycle Emissions
As DTE Energy continues to phase out coal-fired power plants and transitions to natural gas and renewables, your carbon footprint will continue to get smaller simply by driving an electric vehicle.

Less Fossil Fuel
EVs use far less fossil fuel than conventional vehicles, and on average, EVs travel 36 miles on $1 worth of fuel. Gasoline-powered vehicles only travel 11 miles on that $1 worth of fuel.

Energy Independence
The energy you use in your EV is produced right here in Michigan by Michiganders, and helps lower our nation's dependence on foreign fuel. That means more money and jobs being pumped into our local economy.

Traffic Noise Reduced
Because electric motors are much quieter than gas-powered motors, EVs contribute to a significant reduction in traffic noise on urban roadways.

Life is good in an EV.

Choosing an EV is a lifestyle upgrade. Here's why:

Start Every Day with a Full Tank
When you plug in and charge your vehicle overnight, you'll not only save money, you'll also begin each day with a full charge, and your vehicle's full range will be available to you. If you're able to charge at your place of employment, you'll begin every commute home with a full charge as well.

Smile as You Pass Another Gas Station
What a relief! Stopping to refuel at gas stations will no longer be part of your daily routine. This is an even sweeter benefit during months of extremely cold or hot temperatures. Just stay in the comfort of your EV and enjoy the ride.

Get More Peace of Mind
It's a great feeling to know your vehicle is helping reduce the release of carbon emissions into the atmosphere, lowering our nation's dependency on foreign oil, boosting the local economy by using locally generated energy and helping to lower noise pollution caused by traffic. Relax… you drive an EV!