Electric Infrastructure Upgrades

Committed to improving our infrastructure
We’re building a more reliable and resilient electric grid.

Current reliability projects in your neighborhood.

Significant Investments to Our Electric System

With 47,000 miles of power lines, one million utility poles and nearly 4,000 circuits, DTE Energy makes significant investments to improve reliability every year across our 7,600-square mile electrical system. The result is a smarter, stronger energy system for businesses and homes across Michigan. Here are some of the ways we are improving reliability:
  • Trimming trees. Fallen trees and branches are responsible for two-thirds of the time our customers spend without power. Learn how our Tree Trimming team works with our communities to prevent these outages from occurring in the first place.
  • Replacing power poles. We’re inspecting and upgrading thousands of utility poles throughout our electric service territory. Strong, sturdy utility poles are the backbone of a reliable electric system, which is why we have a pole auditing program to assess the structural integrity of all poles in service on a 10-year cycle.
  • Inspecting overhead power lines. We’re replacing overhead power lines and other equipment to make our system more resilient. Overhead power lines are prone to damage caused by strong winds, ice, heat and accidents. Constant exposure to the elements can result in damage to overhead cables and eventual failure of the lines.
  • Upgrading Substations. New substations, and upgrades to existing stations will help DTE Energy ensure our electric system meets customer needs today and in the future safely, reliably and affordably. The new stations, located throughout Southeast Michigan, will make the infrastructure stronger to reduce power outages and voltage fluctuations. The additional electrical capacity provided by the new equipment will also support future growth.

DTE is committed to building a stronger and more reliable grid that you can count on to deliver the electricity you need to live, work and learn each day.

Visit our Electric Reliability Improvements Map to review improvements in any area in Southeast Michigan.

The Latest Technology

Smart Meters

We’re investing in cutting edge technology to help make the grid stronger and enhance service for our customers. Smart meters utilize advanced technology that helps us identify power outages and restore power as quickly and safely as possible.

Smart Grid Sensors

We’re installing thousands of smart grid sensors throughout our system. The sensors allow us to identify and fix potential malfunctions with critical equipment before it causes a power outage.

Smart grid sensors monitor events that cause minor disturbances on the power grid—things like a tree touching a power line or a small dip in voltage due to a deteriorating piece of equipment. These events don’t typically raise alarms in conventional grid equipment, but smart grid sensors give us precise insight into these disruptions so we can take quick corrective measures to prevent power outages and deliver more reliable service to our customers.

Advanced Distribution Management System

Our Advanced Distribution Management System is a new technology platform that pulls from different data sources to help us visualize all our information to make better decisions for our electric grid and to meet the needs of our customers. The platform is made up of six systems all working together to improve our reliability, eliminate risk for residents and our field employees, and to reduce operating costs.