Energy Usage

Tips to Reduce Your Use and Your Bill

The energy your business uses varies from day to day and season to season. Learn the factors that impact your energy use, and you can take steps to reduce your usage and costs.

What Drives Your Bill Amount?

Together, We Keep Natural Gas Affordable

Seasonal Energy Pricing Means Purchasing Power
Ensuring that safe, reliable natural gas remains affordable is our number one priority. That’s why we work hard to keep your costs low. Over the last 10 years, energy bills have fallen by 30 percent as our cost for the natural gas you use continues to fall.
Gas Pricing Factors
Market Costs
While our cost for natural gas can change month to month, we protect you from sudden increases. We purchase natural gas from across the United States and Canada throughout the year to get the best price and then store that gas for when you need it, shielding you from price increases when demand surges.
Gas Distribution Maintenance
We maintain our distribution system to deliver reliable service to you while keeping your costs low. We perform around-the-clock monitoring and regularly upgrade service lines to ensure your service is safe and affordable.
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We Work to Keep Your Costs Under Control

Your Electricity: Affordable, Efficient, Reliable

Electric Pricing Factors
Your electricity bill includes costs to produce and safely deliver energy to you. These help cover the costs to build, finance, operate and maintain both the power plants and distribution system.
Efficient Energy Sources
To meet the growing demand, DTE generates energy through the most affordable and reliable sources such as low-sulfur coal, natural gas, renewable projects and nuclear power. The competitiveness of renewables has improved drastically in the last ten years, with wind energy being the most cost-effective investment available today.
Maintaining the Energy Grid
Ensuring that you're getting the energy you need, when you need it, is our priority. We're always upgrading and maintaining our plants, substations, poles and wires to deliver safe, reliable and affordable energy to your business.

Total Business (C&I) Electric Rate

DTE rates for business customers are lower today than they were five years ago - while other regional energy companies’ rates have increased.
Seasonal change is one of the biggest factors to impact how your business uses energy. This can lead to lights left on longer and your furnace or air conditioning working harder. Is your HVAC system prepared for the next season? A tune-up or cleaning can help you save money. See more seasonal saving tips.
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Days Billed
The number of days your business is open in a billing period will affect your energy costs. The "My Usage" section of your DTE online account allows you to compare monthly and annual usage, and programs like Flexible Due Date can help you better manage the timing of your bill to align with cash flow.
Changes at Work
Adding staff or changing hours during holiday seasons or peak production times may increase your energy usage and your bill. DTE offers a number of low-cost or no-cost tips to keep your usage under control as your business grows.
You control your usage and can take actions to save energy and money. Installing a programmable thermostat, redesigning workspaces to improve airflow, and putting lights on timers can reduce your energy needs and drive down your bill. DTE offers a Business Energy Advisor service and several incentive programs to help you cut your energy costs further.