Keeping Electricity Costs Low

Operating Efficiencies

DTE Energy is a national leader in work efficiency and cost management, which means lower prices for customers like you. One of the things that sets us apart is our unique connection to the communities we serve. Our friends, families and neighbors are our customers. This connection is a powerful motivation for us to provide reliable energy supply at the lowest cost feasible.

System Upgrades

We are constantly investing in our energy system to provide safe, reliable, affordable electricity for our customers. New technologies, equipment upgrades and proactive initiatives across the 7,600-square mile electric grid reduces power outages and enables faster restoration times. Our investments resulted in 70 percent more reliable power in areas where work has already been completed. Find out how we are building a smarter power grid on our electric system improvements page.

Electric Pricing Factors

The price you pay for electricity at your home or business reflects the cost to build, finance, operate and maintain both the power plants that produce the energy, as well as the distribution system—overhead/underground power lines, substations, and poles. Below are some key factors that impact the price of electricity.

Fuel Costs

Currently, we use low-sulfur coal, natural gas and nuclear power to generate most of the electricity you use. As the cost of coal and natural gas change, so does our cost to produce electricity. We also are the largest investor in wind and solar renewable energy in Michigan, which helps reduce our overall carbon footprint while keeping costs affordable for our customers.


We know how important reliable energy is to your business. That’s why throughout the year, we maintain and make upgrades to our power plants, as well as the poles, wires and electrical equipment that make up our electrical system, to ensure safe dependable service.

Manage Your Electricity Usage

One of the best ways to lower your costs is to use less energy. Here are some of the ways DTE Energy can help you be more efficient with your electricity needs.


In Michigan, weather plays a major role in how you use energy. While it does not alter the price of energy, it does impact the amount of your bill. A couple of days of extreme weather, hot or cold, can make heating and cooling equipment run longer, increasing your energy use. To learn more about how the weather can affect your energy bill, watch our "Why Is My Energy Bill So High?" video.

Energy-Saving Ideas

Visit our business ways to save pages to find hundreds of ways to improve energy efficiency, rebates and energy management tools.

Business Electric Pricing Options