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Project planning

We’re ready to help you get your next project off the ground. With everything you need including safety resources, seasonal tips, important dates and key information to help you avoid delays, we’ll help you ensure that everything runs smoothly.

Apply for New Residential Service

Service applications for single-family homes may be completed online. The application process takes approximately five minutes. An e-mail address is needed to send a confirmation receipt.

  • Meter information – The location where the meter will be installed and the distance, in feet, from the front of the building to the meter
  • Service line length – The distance, in feet, from the property line to the meter location
  • Equipment information – The types of natural gas equipment and BTU input for each piece of equipment, if known
Contact us at the following email for any questions or assistance. A service adviser will respond within 24 hours:

Service requests are usually completed Monday through Friday.
Whether you’re installing main gas lines for a large-scale community project or a new upscale subdivision, we have a comprehensive roadmap that details each step from installation to inspection. Download your copy today to ensure your project stays on track.

Southeast Michigan Installation Roadmaps

Safety and Reliability

We want to ensure you have all the resources to plan your next project.

Safe Digging
Natural Gas Leaks
Pipeline Safety