Water Heaters

Warm up to efficiency & savings on the second biggest energy user in most homes.

Get up to a $100 rebate with a new, energy-efficient water heater.

How it Works

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DTE residential natural gas customers may be eligible for rebates on a new water heater that meets ENERGY STAR® specifications.

Use our Find a Contractor database to identify participating contractors who install water heaters. Your contractor will inform you about high-efficiency units that qualify for rebates. You can also refer to our Qualified Water Heaters List.

After installing your new water heater, your contractor will provide a rebate application for you to sign. The contractor will submit it online for you. Your rebate check will arrive by mail in six to eight weeks.

Water Heater Rebates Amount

Natural Gas Water Heater

UEF 0.81 or higher - best (tankless)

UEF 0.64 or higher - better (tanked units)



Uniform Energy Factor (UEF) is the Department of Energy's metric for water heater efficiency. A higher UEF means a water heater is more energy efficient and will cost less to operate compared to similar units.

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