Utility Energy Services Contracts

DTE Energy’s Utility Energy Services Contracting (UESC) program is an opportunity to effectively help federal agencies under 42 U.S.C.§ 8256 (f) save money on utilities by implementing energy efficiency initiatives that help to meet their goals as mandated by the Energy Policy Act of 1992.

A UESC contract is a process where a selected local electric, gas or water utility company assesses the energy savings opportunities, fronts the capital costs, and designs and installs the equipment in the project. When project financing is required, payments are made from the resulting savings. Project development and implementation costs can be fully or partially financed or be completely paid for upon project acceptance.



Governmental Agency contracts with DTE under the areawide agreement
DTE’s UESC program is a single-source contracting service offered for improvements in energy-efficiency, water-efficiency, and demand-reduction. We are the first energy company in Michigan to offer utility energy management services


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DTE assesses the energy savings
We are your one-stop shop. DTE assesses your energy needs and saving opportunities, and then manages a short list of sub-contractor energy service companies to implement all aspects of the projects.



DTE incurs the initial capital costs
We obtain the financing and bear the financial risk so that the customer is not restricted by availability of appropriations



DTE designs and installs the equipment
Our customers rely on our experience and expertise through the processes we’ve designed to improve, upgrade and/or replace energy infrastructure equipment in their facilities.



Projects are self-funded through energy savings
Governmental Agency contracts with DTE under the areawide agreement



Economic benefit
Our UESC program helps the local economy by creating jobs, and supports corporate citizenship and community initiatives.



First in Michigan
We are the first energy company in Michigan to offer utility energy management services for governmental agencies. DTE has joined 64 utility service territories across the nation who are committed to supporting their federal customers' energy, water and sustainability goals through turnkey utility energy service contracts.


Why partner with DTE Electric Company?

Why partner with DTE Electric Company?

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UESC Partnership Benefits

With DTE as your primary contractor, a UESC brings many advantages to your agency’s energy efficiency projects, including:

  • Work with trusted energy partner
  • Asses project potential and design solutions
  • Reduction of energy infrastructure costs
  • Help meet energy and greenhouse gas mandates
  • Improve energy and water efficiency
  • Low-cost project financing
  • Save taxpayer dollars


Environmental Benefits

Energy conservation measures include but are not limited to:
  • Advanced Metering Systems
  • Energy Management Control Systems (EMCS)
  • Heat-Recovery Applications
  • Lighting and Lighting Controls
  • Mechanical Retrofits
  • Water/Sewer Conservation Systems
  • Measurement and Verification
  • Older systems can be replaced with newer more efficient systems