Shutoff Protection Plan (SPP)

If you're having trouble managing your energy bill payments, the Shutoff Protection Plan can help. It can put you back on track to paying your overdue balance while avoiding the cost and inconvenience of a service shut off.

How Does SPP Work?

The Shutoff Protection Plan is designed to help you pay your overdue balance by dividing it into equal portions that are added to future DTE Energy bills. Your payment amount is calculated by dividing the past due balance into smaller payments and projected future monthly bills. These two amounts are combined into a new monthly payment.

Enrollment in Shutoff Protection Plan is available to low-income customers and senior citizens year round. Enrollment requires income verification and an initial down payment. The amount of the down payment will affect the monthly payment amount. Making a larger down payment will result in a lower monthly payment amount.


Shutoff Protection Plan is available to low-income customers and senior citizens year round. It can provide protection from service disconnection if plan payments are made on time.

DTE Energy customers seeking to enroll in a low income payment plan will need to provide proof of their income status by submitting the following documents:

Required for ALL household members who are 18 years or older:
  • Valid Michigan or Government issued Photo ID (Driver’s License, State ID, Passport,etc.)

Required for ALL household members living in the house regardless of age:

  • Social Security Cards for all household members regardless of age
  • Current year tax form with # of dependents and social security #’s listed
  • Official school issued report cards for students with address listed
  • Department of Health and Human Services Statement letter listing # of children in household

PROOF OF INCOME (one of the following):
Required for ALL household members 18 years or older who contribute financially to the household:

  • Two (2) most recent copies of paychecks or pay stubs. Pay stubs greater than 60 days old will not be accepted.
  • Most recent award letter or other documents from income sources (e.g., DHS, Social Security, Pension statements, VA). All award letters must include the name of the individual receiving the benefit, address, amount, and the amount of time the benefit was approved for.
  • Unemployment Compensation Benefit check stubs or benefit statements.
  • If self-employed, accounting and other business records showing net income.
  • Other documents customer has reason to believe will verify the current year’s projected household income (i.e. tax forms, child support payments, etc.
    • The previous year’s tax forms will only be accepted until June 1st of the current year.
    • For customers who have unreported wages/income, a letter from the employer dated within the last 60 days is required. The letter must include the amount received per month. The information must be on the Company’s letterhead and it must be signed by the employer.

Watch our Low Income Verification Process video.

Once all documents are gathered, you may send to DTE using one of the following preferred methods:
Please allow 48 hours ( 2 business days) after sending documentation for a response.

Within 48 hours ( 2 business days) after sending all of your documentation you will be contacted by a DTE representative from the Low Income verification team, advising you of the following:
  • Status of your request
  • Your required down payment amount
  • Your payment plan terms

If you have not heard from DTE Energy after 2 business days. Please contact DTE Energy Customer Service at 800-477-4747, for assistance.

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