Shutoff Protection Plan

It can be difficult managing your monthly energy bills. We want to help get you back on track by enrolling you in our Shutoff Protection Plan.

This plan gives you the option to pay your past-due balance in smaller increments all while avoiding the cost and inconvenience of service interruption.

How it Works

This plan is designed to combine your past-due balance and future energy charges in one monthly payment while protecting you from service disconnection.

At the time of enrollment, your past-due balance and average energy usage calculation are spread equally over the duration of the plan, either 12 or 24 months.

We will re-calculate your energy usage every three months and adjust for fluctuations. If your average energy usage is 10% higher or lower than our original calculation, we will adjust your monthly plan amount. This recalculation is purposeful to prevent you from having another past-due balance at the end of the program.


Our Shutoff Protection Plan is available for income-qualified customers and senior citizens throughout the year. Enrollment requires income verification and an initial down payment. The amount of the down payment will affect the monthly payment amount. Making a larger down payment will result in a lower monthly payment amount.
Customers seeking to enroll in our Shutoff Protection Plan will need to provide proof of income by submitting personal identification and income verifying documentation.
Personal Identification
  • Color image of a valid government-issued photo ID for the account holder (such as a driver's license, state or city-issued ID)
  • Social Security cards for everyone in the household
Expired identification is not accepted.
If you receive state assistance, please submit your current award letter for any of the following types of assistance:
  • Michigan Department of Health and Human Services benefits, cash assistance or Medicaid letter
  • Social Security statement or benefit letter
If you are not currently receiving state assistance, please provide the following:
  • The current year’s tax form (first two pages of the 1040) with dependents and income listed
If you do not receive state assistance and did not file federal or state taxes for the previous year, please provide the following:
  • Two most recent copies of paychecks or pay stubs — pay stubs greater than 60 days old are not accepted
  • Unemployment Compensation benefit statement
  • If self-employed, accounting and other business records showing net income
  • For customers who have unreported wages or just started a job, a letter from the employer on company letterhead dated within the last 60 days (include the gross amount paid per month and your employer’s signature)
One of these items is required for each member of the household 18 years or older including the DTE account holder.
How to Enroll
Please submit your proof of income and personal identification to us via our Document Submission Portal or email Please allow 38 hours after submitting documentation for a Customer Service team member to respond.
If you have not heard from us after two business days, please call (800) 477-4747 for assistance.
State Emergency Relief
Customers enrolled in our Shutoff Protection Plan may be eligible for State Emergency Relief. Please contact us or another Energy Assistance Agency to find out if you are eligible.