Political Participation

As an energy company, we are affected each day by the decisions of federal, state and local officials. This requires DTE Energy to be an active participant in the political process.

We believe that participation in the political and public policy areas - when conducted in a legal manner - is an important and appropriate role for companies in open societies. In the United States, there are important federal and state laws that govern this participation.

Read our Corporate Policy on Political Participation.

DTE Energy Political Action Committee

The DTE Energy Political Action Committee (PAC) is a non-partisan organization that provides opportunities for eligible employees to participate in the political process. The PAC is guided by a Steering Committee made up of members from around the Company. Contributions to candidates and Political Action Committee activities are governed by a number of significant laws - the Federal Election Campaign Act, the federal Bipartisan Campaign Reform Act (the McCain-Feingold law) and Michigan Campaign Finance Act. Information about DTE Energy PAC contributions can be obtained via the Federal Election Commission web site and the Michigan Secretary of State's Bureau of Elections web site.

Trade Associations and Other Political Support

DTE Energy belongs to a number of trade associations and chambers of commerce that participate in the political process. DTE Energy requests that these organizations to which our dues or payments are significant provide a breakdown of the portion of our dues or payments that were used for political contributions. This information is included in the annual report of the Political Action Committee and Political Activities presented to the Public Responsibility Committee of the DTE Energy Board of Directors.

In 2019, the amount of these contributions totaled $3,205,092*.

DTE Energy may use corporate funds only for legally permissible contributions to political organizations for initiatives that support the goals and business objectives of the Company. Such contributions are generally made only upon a specific request from such an organization.

* Last updated December 17, 2020