CEO Message

Not long ago, I spent two weeks in Peru with my oldest son hiking and experiencing local culture. A highlight of our trip came near its end, when we hiked out of Colca Canyon, the second deepest in the world. Before beginning the climb, I worried about my ability to ascend the steep, rocky climb out. I soon realized that the prior two weeks of vigorous physical activity at high elevation had made me stronger than I realized, and I enjoyed a hike that had seemed daunting a few hours earlier.

The story is much the same at DTE Energy. We are doing things at our company today that would have been incredibly hard or maybe even impossible just a few years ago. By challenging ourselves to continuously improve — and building our strength in the process — we have found that we are now capable of more than we understood.

DTE Energy is embracing its role as a transformational force, both in Michigan and in the other states in which we operate. The economic engine resides in the private sector and we need to harness that engine to the task of revitalizing our neighborhoods, strengthening our economy and rebuilding and broadening the middle class. We are fully committed to our aspiration to be a force for growth and prosperity in the communities where we live and serve.

Our commitment to be a force for growth also extends to environmental sustainability. For many years, the industry has viewed sustainability as a choice between affordability for customers and environmental outcomes. We reject that premise. Our work in environmental sustainability establishes DTE Energy as a leader without ever losing sight of our mission to provide safe, affordable and reliable energy to our customers.

We accept the challenges before us with confidence because our success is grounded in the capabilities and determination of 10,000 DTE Energy employees who bring their best energy and focus to their work every day. As our company continues to grow stronger, we will apply that strength to becoming the best energy company in the world — and the best energy company for the world.

Gerry Anderson
DTE Energy Chairman and CEO