About This Report

About This Report

Self-Direct Program Details for Business Customers.

Energy conservation legislation enacted by the Michigan legislature allows DTE Electric customers to self-direct and implement their own energy optimization plan.

Our Report

Our Corporate Citizenship Report describes DTE Energy’s commitment to our employees, customers and communities. We communicate with our stakeholders in many ways. This website is designed to provide convenient access to a wide variety of information about employee engagement, community outreach, customer assistance and environmental protection. We hope you find it useful.


2015-2016 Citizenship Report

This Corporate Citizenship Report is built around our company’s material aspects. In this report, we define material aspects as those issues that have a direct or indirect impact on our ability to create, preserve or erode economic, environmental and social value for ourselves, our stakeholders and society at large.


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Corporate Priorities

Corporate Priorities & Material Aspects

The following graphic illustrates our material issues and the corporate priorities to which they relate. This report addresses material issues reflecting the full range of our priorities.

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Performance Data Summary

Performance Data Summary



GRI Index

This is the third Global Reporting Initiative (GRI)-compliant report for DTE Energy. GRI is a voluntary, international framework that provides guidance to organizations on non-financial reporting. DTE Energy utilizes the G4 guidance, published in 2013, to help us craft our communications about corporate citizenship programs and performance. We report in accordance with the Core level of G4 standards, including application of the Electric Utilities (EU) Sector Supplement.

We intend to publish our Corporate Citizenship Report on an annual basis. As we are still developing and formalizing our data collection process, we have not pursued third-party data assurance for this year. Report data represent aggregated data across our entire operation unless otherwise stated. Data covers the calendar year 2015; some of the narrative text describes activities occurring in early 2016 as well. This report contains no material restatements of data previously published in our 2014-15 Corporate Citizenship Report, and there have been no changes in the scope or boundaries of our reporting compared to last year. The Index below lists the GRI indicators addressed in this report, and either includes the information directly or provides a link to the relevant section(s) within this Corporate Citizenship Report.


  GRI Indicator Section
G4-1 CEO statement CEO statement
G4-2 Key impacts, risks and opportunities CEO Message
G4-3 Name of organization DTE Energy Company
G4-4 Primary products and services Company Profile
G4-5 Location of headquarters Detroit, Michigan, US
G4-6 Number of countries Governance See also Form 10-K*
G4-7 Nature of ownership and legal form information
G4-8 Markets served Company Profile
G4-9 Scale of the organization Our Company; Engaged Employees See also Form 10-K∗
G4-10 Total workforce Engaged Employees
G4-11 Percent of employees covered by collective bargaining agreements Engaged Employees
G4-12 Supply chain Stakeholders (Suppliers)
G4-13 Significant changes since last report Company Profile
G4-14 Precautionary approach See Form 10-K
G4-15 External initiatives Policy Leadership; Waste and Recycling; Natural Resources Management; Environmental Management Systems; Community
G4-16 Membership in associations Stakeholders; Michigan Energy Policy
EU1 Installed capacity Company Profile
G4-17 Operational structure Company Profile
G4-18 Defining report content Materiality
G4-19 Material aspects Materiality
G4-20 Aspect boundaries – within organization Materiality
G4-21 Aspect boundaries – outside organization Materiality
G4-22 Restatements Restatements
G4-23 Significant changes in scope and boundaries GRI Index
G4-24 Stakeholder groups Stakeholders
G4-25 Selection of stakeholders Stakeholders
G4-26 Approach to engagement Stakeholders
G4-28 Reporting period GRI Index
G4-29 Date of previous report GRI Index
G4-30 Reporting cycle GRI Index
G4-31 Contact point CEO Message
G4-32 GRI index GRI Index
G4-33 External assurance GRI Index
G4-34 Governance structure Governance
G4-38 Board composition Governance
G4-DMA Management approach Corporate Values and Priorities; Reliability; Affordability; Energy Efficiency;
G4-EC1 Direct economic value Driving Economic Progress; Performance Data Summary
See also Form 10-K
G4-EC2 Risks and opportunities related to climate change Climate Change
G4-EC8 Indirect economic impacts Leading Corporate Citizenship; Driving Economic Progress; Land Management and Remediation; Performance Data Summary;
G4-EC9 Local suppliers Driving Economic Progress; Performance Data Summary
G4-DMA Environmental management Corporate Values and Priorities; Environmental Management Systems
G4-EN7 Energy efficiency and renewable energy initiatives Renewable Energy; Energy Efficiency
G4-EN8 Total water withdrawal by source Water; Performance Data Summary
G4-EN11 Biodiversity Natural Resource Management
G4-EN16 GHG emissions Climate Change; Air Quality; Performance Data Summary
G4-EN19 G4-EN19 Climate Change
G4-EN21 NOx, SOx and other air emissions Air Quality; Performance Data Summary
G4-EN23 Waste by type and disposal Waste and Recycling; Performance Data Summary
G4-EN29 Environmental fines and sanctions Compliance
G4-EN31 Environmental expenditures Air Quality
G4-DMA Management approach Engaged Employees ; Engagement
G4-LA1 Hire rates and turnover rates Engaged Employees
G4-LA6 Rates of injury Safety; Performance Data Summary
G4-LA10 Skills management Workforce Development
G4-LA12 Employee diversity Diversity and Inclusion
EU15 Percent of employees near retirement age Engaged Employees ; Workforce Development
G4-DMA Management approach Stakeholders; Leading Corporate Citizenship
G4-SO1 Community engagement Community engagement
G4-SO6 Political contributions Political Contributions
G4-DMA Management approach Corporate Values and Priorities; Customer Satisfaction; Operational Excellence
G4-PR5 Customer satisfaction Customer Satisfaction
EU28 Power outage frequency Electric Reliability
EU29 Average power outage duration Electric Reliability; Performance Data Summary


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