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Frequently Asked Questions

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Shutoff Protection Plan (SPP)

Primary account holders who qualify as Low Income under the Federal Household Guidelines or who are senior citizens, age 62 and above, are eligible for the SPP.

Customers must meet the Federal Household Guidelines, which are updated yearly. Upon review of the Federal Household Guidelines, if the household income and members are in the range, documents must be submitted for low income verification.

Eligible customers can enroll in the Shutoff Protection Plan at anytime throughout the year.

Yes. Monies received will go towards the down payment required to enroll in SPP. Many state agencies require customers to enroll in a payment plan with their local utility company before assistance is granted.

Yes. SER funds can be used for the down payment required to enroll in the SPP.

Yes. Customers enrolled in the SPP are still eligible to file a HHC with the state. Customers must have an active heating account at the time of filing.

The Shutoff Protection Plan establishes a monthly payment amount that encompasses a portion of your account balance plus an average of your energy charges over the last 12 months.

Let’s say your account balance was $600 on a recent bill statement. We would divide that amount by 24 (the number of months in the length of the program) to determine your monthly payment. In this example, $600 ÷ 24 = $25.00 a month that will go towards your account balance.

If your average energy consumption over the last 12 months equates to approximately $250.00, then your new monthly Shutoff Protection Plan amount will be calculated as follows:

Account Balance Portion Average Energy Charges  Monthly Plan Amount
$25.00 $250.00   $275.00


Yes. Each month you would be required to pay the HPP monthly plan amount in addition to the SPP amount. If you have HPP arrears at the time of enrolling in SPP, the arrears should be paid in full to prevent defaulting from HPP.

No. SPP enrollment only applies to your primary residence.

Missing any payments while on SPP puts you at risk of defaulting from SPP. While enrolled in the SPP, customers can make monthly payments any time before the next bill statement is generated, approximately 15 days from the due date of the previous bill.

Yes. At the time of enrollment, make sure your account has an up-to-date email address. Every month you will receive an SPP email reminder.