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Credit Reporting

Companies that want to check credit ratings for individuals can contact four credit-reporting agencies: Experian, Equifax, Innovis and TransUnion. These agencies have access to payment records from credit grantors, such as credit card companies, and mortgage and auto loan lenders. They use the payment information to produce a credit report.

DTE Energy's credit reporting program includes full-file reporting for all residential customers. This means the payment histories of all residential customers — those who pay on time and those who do not pay on time — are reported to the four major credit-reporting agencies: Experian, Equifax, Innovis and TransUnion. The credit-reporting agency then provides payment history information to companies or individuals inquiring about your credit history in the form of a credit report.

It's important to have a good credit rating when applying for home and auto loans, credit cards or personal lines of credit. Before approving a loan, creditors check an individual’s credit history. Full-file credit reporting provides an opportunity for customers who lack a credit history to establish credit-worthiness and build a good credit rating by simply making their monthly DTE Energy bill payments on time.

Payment histories for customers that pay late or cannot pay the total bill amount are reported to credit agencies when the account is 30 days overdue. This allows you time to 1) pay the total amount of the bill, 2) contact us to enter into a payment agreement, or 3) find out about eligibility for payment assistance programs. Customers who enter a payment agreement and make the agreed payment amounts on time are considered current and are not reported to credit reporting agencies.

To learn more about how DTE Energy Energy Assistance, please visit our pages on General Assistance, Low Income Plans, our Shutoff Protection Plan and our Low Income Self-Sufficiency Plan.

Any information on your credit report can be investigated through the credit-reporting agencies. You can obtain a free copy of your credit report once every 12 months by contacting the agencies at their toll-free number or visiting their websites.

Experian: 888.397.3742 or

Innovis: 800.540.2505 or

Equifax: 800.685.1111 or

TransUnion: 877.322.8228 or

To learn more about credit reporting, visit the Consumer Data Industry Association. This website shows you how to get your credit report, offers insights on law and regulation, and answers frequently asked questions about credit reporting.