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Frequently Asked Questions

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Budgetwise Billing

All DTE Energy customers with active service are eligible to participate in BudgetWise Billing if their account balance is in good standing and they are not enrolled in any other payment plan.

You can enroll in BudgetWise Billing, on using your online account.

No. Your budget amount is reviewed each quarter, using the most recent 12 months of usage history and current energy prices. To prevent unnecessary minor changes to your budget amount, your estimate needs to increase or decrease by 10 percent before your budget is adjusted.

Your BudgetWise Billing amount is based on your energy usage. If you significantly change your energy consumption, your budget amount will change, too.

The most common reason for increases and decreases in energy usage is significant weather changes from year to year. Other factors that can affect your budget include adding or removing a hot tub, swimming pool or appliances. A change in the number of people living in your household will also influence your energy use.

Conserving energy won’t immediately improve your BudgetWise Billing amount. Your budget is based on the last 12 months of billing history, so it will take several months to see an impact. Keep in mind that changes in weather patterns may offset the budget decrease you were expecting to see.

Settlement month is when the yearly reconciliation is performed on your account(s) enrolled in BudgetWise Billing. This is when the difference between your BudgetWise Billing payments and your actual charges are balanced.

If you were undercharged, you will be required to pay the total balance to be eligible to remain on the BudgetWise billing program. If you were overcharged, the credit will be applied to the next billing statement.

On the left side of the statement, “Your BudgetWise Billing” shows the amount due for your budget. The right side, “Actual Balance Information” shows your actual energy charges. This is the amount you would be required to pay if you were not on BudgetWise Billing. It is important to monitor this part of your statement so you are always aware of the balance on your account.

The “Important Information” section will contain messages about your budget, including changes to your budget amount.

You can unenroll from BudgetWise Billing at any time. By doing so, you will owe the outstanding balance in addition to your current monthly charges.